Why you need this guide.

In this guide...

I will share my project management experience in the packaging, health, beauty, and wellness industries. And sharing the areas I've worked in from corporate to my practice. Come, take a listen, and meet a packaging project manager.

I will be answering questions like...

  • What is a Packaging Project Manager?
  • How do project managers help get products to market?
  • If I was interested in transitioning to this industry, where do I start?

All these and so much more!

Hi, I'm Megan Young Gamble, PMP®, known as “The Project ExecutionHER™”.

Garnering more than 10 years’ experience with today’s leading brands, I have developed a 360-degree perspective on the packaging and product development life-cycles, allowing me to problem-solve in real time as I turn client ideas into a reality.

I have trained over 300+ professionals in-person and virtually, launched over 600+ products, and managed over 400+ projects. You are in the best hands and learning from the best in the industry!

I am excited to help you on your journey.

See you on the inside!